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About FOAG | Face of Africa Germany | Official Website
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About FOAG

Face of Africa Germany, is a Fashion Pageant Competition created to discover young ladies who have the talent in modeling and remodel them into Modern African Woman to promote Africa Fashion, Culture, Tourism, Beauty and Lifestyle in Germany.

The creator of Face of Africa Germany, being an International Model Runway Coach working with industry professional in fashion and an Afropolitan man, thought it was time to find a girl who is of African descent and lives in Germany to transform her into a fashion icon and queen who can represent Africa in the international modelling and fashion world. Serving as an Ambassador for the Africa continent and the Africans living in Germany (Afro Germans), empower and encourage the youths to educate themselves to be leaders and role models.

The Pageant will enable contestants in Germany to shine the spotlight on Africa through a fashion show and cultural performance. They will educate and inform the world of the beauty of Africans, inspire each another, build self-esteem, and feel beautiful, inside and out.

Because this pageant is like no other, we strive to:

  • Represent the highest ideals, showcasing positive attributes of Africans and promoting tourism.
  • Inspire contestants to live their dreams and become successful, to believe in themselves and strive endlessly.
  • Promote African pride and patriotism by empowering each contestant to believe that she is capable of achieving the unthinkable.
  • Prepare contestants to become fashion icons and have opportunities in the fashion world.
  • Prepare contestants to become figures that can promote the FOAG Brand.
  • Generate mass awareness for the sponsor brands.
  • Create a seasonal event to which audiences can look forward.
  • Create an atmosphere of fun, togetherness and excitement.
  • Help to promote growth within the African community in Germany.
  • Create awareness for companies to recognize the market potential of  Africans in Germany and in Europe at large (cosmetic, beauty products, traveling, etc).
  • Create new generation that are confident to face challenges, and represent their communities positively.
  • Support NGO´s through projects taking on by the winner.
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