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Susan Enjema Aweh |
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Susan Enjema Aweh

Dr. SEA medical practitioner. Inspirational speaker. Facilitator. Moderator Although she is an ambitious and focused medical professional, Susan has for several years been involved in sociopolitical, economic and media related topics and projects which serve the need of her immediate community. Thus she has collected various experiences and knowledge especially relating to Afro-Germans and the African Diaspora in Germany. She runs an inspirational blog, called A-sister-in-Germany, which uses the success stories of Africans in Germany to inspire and empower others – A limelight on people of African descend in Germany. In her own words: To me Face of Africa Germany distinguishes itself from many other pageants by focusing on the entire personage of their contestants. It is not a replica of a fast lane shallow production but one which reflects values I share like hard work, discipline, time management, team spirit, tolerance and a positive outlook on life. And each of their contestants are unique and far off the stereotype of a Barbie doll or any other stereotype. I se them as are aspiring focused young women who could use the skills they learn through the workshops of FOAG to soar higher in any field of life they find themselves tomorrow. They need to be encouraged and formed.

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