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Report of the FOAG Fashion Soiree | Face of Africa Germany | Official Website
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Report of the FOAG Fashion Soiree


Face of Africa Germany

Face of Africa Germany (FOAG) held last Friday 21st of February in the premises of the South African Embassy in Berlin for the first time the Pre Fashion Soiree. Proudly presented Ernest Look Fashion Production, Ernest O. Look, founder of Face of Africa and internationally renowned runway coach, the 22 candidates this unprecedented beauty contest.

Because Face of Africa is more than the currently so popular Model auditions and talent shows. The aim here is to draw attention to the modern African woman; people living in Germany, women of African descent here can confidently showcase their talents and potential and gain experience in the fashion industry, so as to lay the foundation for future careers.

The fashion soiree however is only one of many tasks that need to cope with the participants of FOAG since May 2013 together. Until the final on 4 April, they gather in numerous workshops, photo shoots and appearances crucial experience to then themselves to present their talents and their country of origin in presentations. Because in addition to it’s beauty Ernest O. Look especially at eloquence, intelligence and charisma.

Face of Africa Germany

And just as a platform need to African women in the fashion industry. Not least at the New York Fashion Week 2013, where only six percent colored models were booked, the international outcry has once again made aware of how hard it is for black women to be perceived as a model. As before, white models dominate most of the shows and editorials. Booker, designers, photographers and editors interfere still working on it to make present example, winter clothes of black women. Questionable exceptions are so-called ethno-shoots in desert or jungle, and even here, the skin color is often trimmed to light via Photoshop.

There is therefore a need for action and it is here Face of Africa Germany comes into play. The candidates presented last Friday, however, not only themselves, but also fashion and accessories from the label Aye Kollection, Bijou Makeda, Coko Diamond and T-shirt collection by Ernest look.
All of brands that convey exactly the feeling of life to it in this competition going on: the fusion of African tradition and European lifestyle. African fabrics are cleverly styled with current cuts – mostly as impressive eye catcher between solid-colored Basic parts. From elegant to everyday use – but always chic and feminine.

After the show, both participants and the organizing team are noticeably relieved and exhausted.

Which of the 22 charming candidates on 4 April 2014, at the Universal Hall take home the title Miss Face of Africa Germany, remains exciting. In any case, you have to press all participants crossed and wish them that they can use this competition as a springboard. Only through their commitment each had more than earned the title.

© RCR Stefanie Elias


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